Monday, January 8, 2018

Every Single Thing Every Single Day

Beth loves to go to the grocery store. She walks around filling her cart with all kinds of... well, actually, with all the same things every single time. She brings her list and struts through the store like she's just won the lottery!

We like to snack at our house. We buy things like fruit cups, cheese sticks, bananas, granola bars. Rather than making a burrito or having chips and dip, we're more likely to just grab a quick item that's easy to eat.

Some of the things on Beth's list -
Jello cups
Fruit cups
Cheese Sticks
Granola Bars
Salad Kits
Frozen Dinners...

She buys the same thing every single time. Which, okay, I do too, to an extent. The same bread, same milk, I know where it is and how much it costs so I don't have to think too much about it. 

But here is where the issue is with Beth: if she's home all day and lunch time rolls around, she has:

some cheese-its
a yogurt
a fruit cup
one banana
a salad
a granola bar
a cheese stick...

You see where I'm going with this? She eats everything. Every day. 

We all went to the grocery store a couple weeks ago and after just 4 days (I'm not exaggerating!) Beth came upstairs and said she was completely out of food. 

'What?!? You just bought all that food! How could you be out already?!' Her food is all hers. She takes it downstairs and we don't even see it so I know we didn't eat it!

The jello comes in 6 small cups (although she buys the large ones.) The fruit cups come with 8 in a container, the granola bars have 6 or 8... we were just shocked that she had eaten so much in just a few days.

So now I'm trying to get her to only eat some of the things each day. Have a yogurt on Monday and a fruit cup on Tuesday. The food will last longer and she'll get more of a variety. We'll see how she does.

What about you? Do you tend to buy and eat the same things? Is there an item that you just have to have each week? (For me it's chocolate. A small bag of M&Ms, a few truffles... I just can't stay away from the chocolate!)


ellen b. said...

We do tend to gravitate to the same things. Sometimes we enjoy something new and add it to our pantry. Beth does look happy with her shopping cart. I love those smaller carts BTW!

Rebecca Jo said...

I really do buy the same things every week. Makes dinner easy knowing each day is a specific meal. Haha

Barb said...

Hi Cindy~

I have found with our, Averi, that she would eat her snacks all day long if you let her. She loves peanut butter cups, and truly she would eat the whole bag at one sitting! We limit her, like you said with Beth, one item each day, we only let her have so many mini peanut butter cups each day. At least Beth eats healthy snacks! Averi eats the same thing every day. The same thing for breakfast, the same thing for lunch and if it weren't for her parents insisting, she would eat the same thing for supper each night.

I buy kind of the same thing each time, bread milk eggs, fruit, veggies. But, my list varies a whole lot too. We aren't snackers, if we do snack it's usually popcorn, or cheese and crackers. We like fruit as well, so we eat lots of oranges and apples with peanut butter...sometimes that's my lunch...yum!

I do think it is so cute that Beth loves the grocery store, she looks adorable pushing the cart, and she is filling it with good snack choices. And don't forget, chocolate is good for you!!

Hugs and Love,