Saturday, March 18, 2017

A Little Change

Beth and I went out shopping the other night, we had a lot planned and I was so excited because I could take a lot of pictures and post them on the blog! Woohoo!! I couldn't wait!

We went to the Family Christian Book Store, stopped at Michael's for a few things and came away with a few more things, we stopped for dinner... and as we were driving home I remembered. Ahhgg! I didn't take one photo. Not one.

Well I guess that's good because that means I was in the moment, experiencing it with Beth as they happened and not seeing it through a camera lens. At least that's what I keep telling myself.

Allie came over to play today! When she was a toddler Sharaya worked every Saturday so I got to watch her all day. But Sharaya has changed jobs and sometimes we can go a couple weeks without seeing them so I was so glad when Sharaya asked if I could watch her today! 

We played a Disney Memory Game, watched a little TV, played with stickers, but her favorite thing today was my coin jar! We must have spent an hour playing with these.

We counted them and sorted them and then we spun them and she'd yell "Heads!" and I'd yell "Tails" and we'd see how many we'd get right.

Then I accidentally rolled one across the table and so we started doing that back and forth. First with one then two at a time, then she started rolling 6 and 7 quarters at a time and they'd roll all over the table. We laughed so hard we had to take a couple breaks to catch our breath again!

We were playing the Memory Game at the kitchen table when it was time for Beth to leave for work. They hugged each other and wouldn't let go! 

I hope your weekend is filled with rich blessings!


Billie Jo said...

Hello Cindy!
Such a special time spent with that sweet young lady!
Beautiful photos too.
Have a cozy Sunday, my friend. : )

Rebecca Jo said...

Sometimes its just good to be in the moment & forget the pictures :)
*But then wish you had pictures of the moment.. haha - Been there way too many times.
I used to love rolling up coins. Now I get freaked out of the dirt that comes off on my hands from it :) haha