Sunday, August 21, 2016

You Have to be Smarter Than They Are

You know how it is with life, sometimes there is SO much going on and other times, hmmm not so much. This week has been a 'not so much' week.

We have seen some seeds of healing in a family relationship. That's been such a blessing and an answer to prayer!

Sharaya and Diana saw the same movie, at the exact same time, 3000 miles apart! I think about what it took to accomplish this: first deciding on which movie to see, then checking show times to make sure they matched with the different time zones, then they were actually able to pull it off! I think this is such a clever idea! I absolutely love these two that they would think of doing this!

I've been feeding the birds and squirrels this summer but the crows have been taking all the food! I've seen people posting pictures of large, open containers filled with shelled peanuts and the squirrels are all over them. But when I put them out, the crows eat everything!

 When my sister was here we found this cute little bird shop that had squirrel feeders that looked like this one.

 So I got the idea to make something like that myself. At first I got a big square vase but found the crows could get into it! Here is one trying to bite through the glass.

 Then I saw one just stick his head right in and grab a peanut! Before I knew it they were all gone.
(You can see his tail feathers sticking up on the left.)

So then I found a round vase with a unique shape that was big enough for the squirrels but I knew the crows wouldn't be able to get through. I put it in a clear bin and filled it with rocks so it wouldn't move or roll around. Then I put in the peanuts and waited.

The peanuts were still there this afternoon so I know the crows couldn't get to them. (I do put some out for the crows in a separate bowl, but I also want some exclusively for the squirrels.) Then this afternoon...

Yay!! He ran across the driveway and buried it near some trees. :)


Caz said...

That's brilliant! As is synchronized film watching. I have a soft spot for crows. although it's sad if they don't allow for any sharing at all!

bj said...

how fun...