Wednesday, August 17, 2016

A Few Changes For This Fall

Chuck and I went downtown today for his 'Pick'. That's what they call it when all the Metro drivers choose new routes. Course, it goes by seniority so there isn't a whole lot left by the time his turn comes but he got some decent routes this time. Different days off, not as many early morning routes and he's at North Base. The Metro base that's just a few minutes from our house. SO happy about that! He'll have these routes now for the next 6 months so he took into consideration all the snow we're supposed to get this winter. At least he won't have much of a commute!

Have the Olympics inspired you too? We recently started swimming at a local community pool and I absolutely love it!

I grew up in a house that had a below ground pool in the backyard and I was in that thing constantly. So a couple weeks ago I asked Sharaya if her and Allie wanted to come with us and she said yes! Something has changed in me, it's hard to explain, but I can't get enough of the water. Even tonight I was doing laundry and put in a towel while the machine was filling with water and I instantly felt free and full of joy! Strange, I know :) But like I said, it's kind of hard to explain or even understand, but I really want to make this part of our weekly routine. I even bought a new bathing suit (my old one was a two piece - skirt type - looked great on, but wasn't very practical for actually swimming.) Plus we got some small goggles like the Olympic swimmers use. I know I don't LOOK like an Olympic swimmer but I certainly FEEL like one!! :)

Beth goin' for the gold!!

And lastly, I took on a part time job this week. It's actually a job I've had before and wanted to go back to again. Some might say it's not a 'real' job and I'd have to agree with them because I'm making calls for our church. Each week, a few ladies meet at the church and we start calling members of the congregation. Each of us has a different section of the alphabet and over the course of about 4-5 months, every single person gets a call asking how they're doing and if they have any prayer needs. It's amazing how many times a night someone will tell us that their family is in crisis or that we called at just the right time.  I think we come away feeling more blessed than those we called.

So this Fall is going to look a little different at our house. How about you? Any changes for you or your family this Fall?


jody lynn said...

i always love reading your blog. I am jealous of your pool activity. I wish I had a pool that was convenient. I always loved swimming growing up.

Billie Jo said...

Oh that pool!!!!!!
Enjoy that!
We are already sad that the Olympics are ending soon...
Congratulations on your new job!
And have a cozy day. : )

Caz said...

That sounds like the most real job around to me. Real reaching out to people. Brilliant.
I love the water. I'm about to go to the public swimming pool over the road for a late night swim, then I'll come home and get in the bath. Could have a shower, but I love being immersed in water. I think I always have to some extent, but recently I've been wanting to get in any body of water I can find!

Heather said...

We have the Olympic bug as well and are going to start swimming this fall, too! Enjoy your swimming - that community pool looks wonderful!