Monday, June 13, 2016

You're Not Going To Believe This!

The oral surgeon at Harborview Medical Center suggested we go back to Beth's dentist to see if they could save a couple of her teeth.

I just called her dentist. The one about 2 miles from our house. The one we were just at in April.

"I'm sorry, we no longer carry her insurance."

"What?!? We were JUST there!!"

"We haven't carried that insurance in a while but we chose to see Beth that day because it wasn't a recurring visit. You're welcome to call our offices in Kirkland or Redmond." (They're a 20-45 minute drive depending on traffic.)

"Why didn't anyone tell me you no longer carry her insurance? I never got a phone call telling me that had changed. You didn't even tell me when I was there!"

"I'm very sorry ma'am."

Aaarrrggg!! I'm not upset that they made this insurance change, what bothers me is that they never informed their patients. Even when their patients were standing right in front of them, they never said a word!

So now we begin the incredibly fun task of trying to find a dentist that takes Medicaid.

I knew this might be a possibility but I had decided to just go back to Beth's old dentist because she really liked it there. I made the decision and that was that. 

Or so I thought. Oh happy day.


Unknown said...

That's not OK. They have an obligation to tell you when they stop carrying your insurance. They could have told you when you came in or made the previous appointment. You would have had the time to look around and find one that works for you. I hate when the medical profession thinks we are more like numbers than people. Good luck!

Unknown said...

I feel your pain, but also theirs. Can I just tell you how awful medical and dental insurance is for every company I know. My cousin is a medical dr. and she said it has been horrifying. So, just remember to be as gracious as you can be during times like this. I will pray you find the perfect dentist. Or, if you wait long enough, they might start accepting it again : ).