Friday, October 16, 2015

We Finally Got to Meet... HIM!

For the first time in her life, Beth had a birthday party with her friends.

In years past, we've invited friends from the neighborhood, or family or even long time friends of the family. But except for Beth's friend Miranda, there hasn't been an exclusive party with just Beth's friends. She just didn't have any. Well, that all changed Wednesday night.

Beth gave out 5 invitations to her friends on her bowling league and in her art class. We also gave a couple to friends at church and including family there were 15 people that showed up to Red Robin to celebrate Beth! One of those people was Beth's new boyfriend.

I was sitting next to Beth when HE arrived and as he placed his jacket on a chair opposite Beth, I asked Beth if she wanted me to switch with him. She got very embarrassed, smiled really big and said, "Yes!" So I got Ns attention and asked if he would like to sit next to Beth instead and he said, "Now that's a great idea!"

It worked out much better for me too cause then I was across the table and able to take pictures. :) We all ordered our food and then I hollered across to Chuck - he was next to N and down a few seats from me, "Should we have Beth open..." and before I could finish, all her friends began chanting, "Presents! Presents! Presents!"

N was warm and friendly to everyone and was such a gentleman to Beth. You may have seen this picture on facebook. It was like he was instantly one of the family! Sharaya and Diana came after work and were at the other end of the table. They loved watching these two interact!

It was a fun, loud, happy experience for all of us! Everyone kept talking about how Beth is always so polite and honest and she always obeys the rules. The day after the party I talked to a couple of family friends who were there (who are also friends with Beth, they text and talk when they see each other...) and they all mentioned that they're still in a high over what occurred the night before! Oh what a night it was!!




Jody Lynn said...

awww, this is great. Thanks!

Caz said...

Such a happy post, thank you. It sounds like the way all parties should be.

Anonymous said...

OMG he's hot! What a cute couple. Happy birthday, Beth!

Stephanie said...

How cute are they??? I love it. What a fun, fun party....thank you for sharing this!

Heather said...

What a cute couple! Congratulations, Beth, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Sounds like a great party!