Friday, October 30, 2015

"Let me win. But If I Cannot Win, Let Me Be Brave in the Attempt"

Beth took part in the Special Olympics bowling tournament last weekend. She looks forward to it every year. Generally the girls bowl in the morning and the guys bowl in the afternoon.

Every year it seems like there are a thousand people packed into that bowling alley!

And this was before the afternoon teams arrived!

We all got settled, the bowlers got their name tags and bowling assignments and all the computers lit up. (Thankfully the alley had put the names in ahead of time!) Of course, we got there early to be sure we'd get a seat. Beth was ready and waiting for everything to begin. 

Her team is the Mukilteo Pinbusters

We sang the National Anthem and said the Special Olympics creed.

Let the games begin! 

 During practice earlier in the year, they take the average of each bowler and then for the tournament, they place them with other bowlers in the district with similar scores. So you don't have someone who bowls an 80, competing with someone who bowls a 140. Each member of the team bowls about the same.

Checkin' her score

 Unfortunately Chuck had to work and Sharaya had another commitment so it was just me and Diana there cheering her on. (You can see Beth over Diana's left shoulder.)

We waited for everyone to finish bowling and then they had the award ceremonies. They have each team stand up and hand the medals out right there. There's no real fanfare. In fact, they didn't even use a microphone this year so I never actually heard them say her name.  

 "And the gold goes to... Elizabeth Anderson!!"

Yep, she won the gold this year! I think this is her first time! In years past she's won the bronze and silver, and one time got the 4th place ribbon, but this year... the gold!!

We're so proud of her! Way to go Beth!



Michelle said...

That's awesome! Congrats Beth, way to bowl! ;)

Caz said...

Wow, congratulations! Beth seems to be going from strength to strength.

KT said...

Congrats Beth! My stepdaughter Grace bowls with Special Olympics, too, but here in Massachusetts, we bowl with the "little balls" (candlepins).

Heather said...

Congratulations Beth!!!