Sunday, August 2, 2015

The Dermatologist Shrugged His Shoulders

Our church has been in a week of prayer and fasting. One of the things I gave up was social media. I still got on the computer to check email, our bank account, etc. but there's been no Pinterest, no Viral Nova, no blogging, Facebook Tetris, Apod... it's amazing how much time I waste spend on this computer!

Now, I truly don't believe I'm wasting time when I blog, but that's about the only thing. Sometimes with Facebook I connect with friends and family, but usually I just scroll. I had so much time last week! Time to read, to clean house, to WRITE! I forgot how much I enjoy writing! I actually sent out 5 letters by snail mail last week. I called my mother-in-law. I read books. I actually found myself standing in the middle of the kitchen looking around and thinking, 'My kitchen hasn't been this clean in a long time. What else should I do?'

Plus, we had two prayer meetings a day all week, one at 6AM and one at 7PM. They were powerful and refreshing and inspiring. Something our church really needed.

But now the week is over and I can blog again! And of course, the week I don't blog is filled with lots of adventures! I'll start with the small post first. :)

 Beth has had a bump on her head for a few months now. Well, at least I noticed it a few months ago. I'll spare you the pictures, but it's fairly long, right on the top of her head and it seems to be slowly growing. At first I thought maybe she wasn't rinsing all the cream rinse out of her hair (her hair sticks to parts of the bump) so I spent some time with her going over the procedures for washing her hair, but after watching her, she's doing everything right.

It almost looks like cradle cap, that dry scalp stuff that babies sometimes get? But when I tried to scrape off a little bit, it began to bleed. Okay, time to call the doctor. Unfortunately our family doctor didn't know what it was. She took a small culture and tested it for bacteria or fungus but those tests came back negative. She referred us to a dermatologist.

We went to him on Monday. He looked at the bump then said he'd be right back. He returned with a magnifying glass-type-thing and put it directly on her head. After looking for a few seconds, he stepped back, put the magnifying glass down, folded his arms and shrugged his shoulders. "I have no idea what it is." He asked me how long she's had it; if it's changed at all since I first saw it... every answer I gave was met with, "Hmm. I really have no idea." He suggested we get a biopsy done.

That kind of made me nervous. He's a man who has extensively studied the skin and everything that involves the skin, and he has no idea what this thing is. She says it doesn't hurt or itch and it doesn't seem to bother her at all. But it looks like Beth has a biopsy in her future. 


Caz said...

It would have been good to get some answers. Please let us know when you know more. A week of prayer and fasting, and no social media, sounds very powerful. Will you be writing about it? Anyway, whatever you write about it. it's always good to hear from you.

Crystal Rhew Staley said...

Geez, it's never good to hear a doctor say "I don't know" Hope all goes well.