Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Ya Gotta Read the Small Print

Beth has 2 kinds of shopping: grocery shopping and 'shopping for fun'.

Shopping for fun means the mall or Target. FUN stuff!

On Monday we went grocery shopping. She grabbed her basket and I got a cart. We were only getting a few things and went through the aisles pretty quickly.

Here she's contemplating which granola bars to buy.

I needed to buy some paprika so we went down the aisle with the spices. As we walk up to it she does a wide sweep with her hand and very excitedly says, "They're all free!!"
Then I showed her the tag and how it says if you buy two, then you get one more for free. It's always important to read the small print.


Anna Theurer said...

A large FREE and then tiny tiny tiny print. Always gets me. Love the blog header of Beth

Jody Lynn said...

OMG, hilarious, I needed that laugh! And I always say that Beth always looks so put together, she should consider a career in fashion advice. I wish I always looked so put together when shopping.