Saturday, April 19, 2014

He Calls Me Friend

Allie was here yesterday. We played outside, she rode her bike, we played Barbies and we colored Easter eggs.

There were a lot of stickers and Allie wanted to use every one! That girl loves her stickers. :)
The finished product.
I was able to talk with Allie a little bit about the real reason for Easter. Last week she came over and showed me her palm branch she had made at church. She told me the whole story, then I took her out to the backyard and showed her our palm tree. I told her that these were the real branches that they waved when Jesus rode in on the donkey. She was amazed! When she came yesterday, she ran out in the backyard and told me, "This is the real tree, Nana!"
We talked about how on Good Friday we remember that Jesus died on the cross for our sins. He did it so we could have a relationship with God the Father. Then... on Sunday we celebrate Jesus rising from the dead! He's alive and wants to be our friend!
What a blessing that simple message is. We can have hope because He loves us. We can have peace of mind because He is our Creator and knows us better than we know ourselves. We can have an anchor in the storm because He is our Rock. He's written every day of our lives and we can go to Him with things get tough.
Most of all, He calls me friend.
I pray you have a very blessed Easter.

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Susan said...

I love that song, "He Calls Me Friend"!

Holy Week is so special. I teach a high school class on Sunday mornings and even at that age, I go through the whole story from Palm Sunday, through the Last Supper and on through all that happened into Easter morning. Sure, they already know the story, but just to talk through it and all that it meant for us is very meaningful.