Friday, April 11, 2014

A Few Pictures!

Yes, I'm learning more each day about how to upload, download and move pictures around on this computer. I took some of Beth the other day in our backyard wearing her new glasses. She really likes them and can see so much better.

She was flipping her hair back. :)

Here is a before photo. These were wire frames.
An update on the production of Grease. She has been rehearsing as... Frenchy, played by Didi Conn in the movie. I'll let you know if she gets the part!!


Becca said...

I LOVE her glasses!!! Very, very stylish! Sammi's getting hers in a few days...we're just waiting for them to tell us they're ready. Similar style to Beth's! Good luck with the play - I love Grease, and I know Beth would be amazing!!

Unknown said...

Those are my kind of glasses. I like the thicker frames. She looks great!

Grease is the word! How fun....hope she gets the part. Frenchy was actually my favorite character in Grease.

Anna Theurer said...

1. Yay! Pictures!!!!! Thank you:-) 2. I love Beth's glasses. She looks like a sassy diva. I do like the thicker frames. Tell her that she looks fabulous!

Unknown said...

I really like her new glasses!