Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Driving Miss... Bethy

Monday is the only day Beth doesn't have somewhere to be. It's the one day of the week where she can stay in her jammies if she wants; watch movies all day, do laundry and just hang out. (I usually crave a day like that.)

But not Beth. Monday's the day she prefers to go shopping. She loves Mother-daughter shopping days. (And I have to admit, they are kinda fun!)

So for the last few months it seems, I get off work and her and I go out. Even if it's just grocery shopping, she wants to go!

This week it was Fred Meyer and Bartell Drugs. Her head phones died last week so she got a new set at Freddies. She has ear buds but prefers the bigger kind that cover her ears with the cushion.

After buying a few groceries at Fred Meyer as well, we then headed to Bartells for new markers. Since it was only a few dollars I let her use her debit card instead of her cash. She loves using that card. Too much, sometimes. It's gotten her into trouble in the past because she tries to get out more money than she has in the bank, but she's really matured over the last year or so and we haven't had any issues. She asked me to wait in the car, so I did. But she did let me take a picture when she came out! 


Jody said...

I love to see Beth's shopping antics! She is so independent and A great role model to many I'm sure!!!Thanks for sharing!

Stephanie said...

She's my kind of girl! I enjoy a little shopping too. I most enjoy it when I get to go on my own without a crabby little boy next to me. ;)

Great new header!

Jenny said...

I hate shopping, but I think it's cool that Beth gets out there and does her thing. Love that she told you to wait in the car, lol