Sunday, March 17, 2013

Slow and Methodical vs Fast and Energetic

I took Beth and Allison shopping a couple weeks ago. Beth is slow and methodical. Allison is not. I was exhausted by the time we got home but we certainly had fun!

 Allison likes to put her fingers into the fountain

 We had to go into the Disney store!




We took Allie to the little play area at the mall
She had a lot of energy to burn!

There is a 'pad' just outside the play area that has different screens
This one begins as all snow and when you jump around on it, it turns into Spring

 On this one, the flowers follow you wherever you step

The screens change automatically every few seconds
This one is her favorite!
The colored squares bounce as she runs around on them!

 Back in the play area
Where does she get this expression from?

Oh yea...


Kristin said...

I need one of those pads in my house for Max!!

Nan said...

Those pads are cool! You couldn't keep ME off them if we had them at our mall!

JC said...

Allison is adorable! And that pad looks awesome, how fun!!

Unknown said...

I love that malls have more stuff for kids now : ). That is the best.