Saturday, December 22, 2012

Tis the Season...!

I may have used that same title last year when describing a certain someone in our house who CAN'T KEEP A SECRET!!

I won't name names.

(But it's her!! She did it!!)

This girl cannot, I repeat, can NOT keep quiet about Christmas gifts! We've gotten to the point where we just don't even include her in our, "Guess what I got Sharaya!" conversations.

She happened to be in the room when such a conversation took place and I immediately looked at her, "Do NOT tell dad. Don't even tell him we were talking about a gift. Don't even mention Christmas!!"

A few minutes later Chuck walks in the door and Beth says, "Don't tell HIM about it? About the gift?" 

Arrgg!!!! Then what happens is this:

"What?? Don't tell me what about what gift??"

"Nothing! Elizabeth, I told you not to say a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g!"

"No, no you can tell me. Really!"

"No, let's just change the subject."


Only 3 more days....


Caz said...

ha! good luck!

Unknown said...

I'm a lot like Beth because I have a hard time keeping gifts a secret too. I guess I just want to see the excitement on the person's face when they about the gift. Or maybe it's because I don't like surprises myself. Hopefully your Christmas is filled with surprises and fun!

Jennifer Scott said...

Ha ha ha Same reason I don't tell a lot of people a lot of things. Only a couple more days.

Nan said...

But she can tell US what the gift is on Tuesday ... no? Merry Christmas and peace to your family!