Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Days of Our Non-Riveting Lives

We babysit Allison on Saturdays and we decided to take her to the park. Before we left she read Beth a book. It was a pop up book about stories from the Bible. It was cute, Allie just made up words as she turned the pages, but Beth listened intently!

Going down the big slide!

I love what these fiberglass slides do to hair!


We decided to bring Sugar. That dog loves to ride in the car!

Having a deep conversation with Auntie DiDi.



This park even has a zip line!
I love Beth's expression in this one!
Go Allie!

Poor Beth desperately wanted to play.
Her weight and the size of the equipment kept her from doing too much.
(She's lost 9 pounds in the last month!!)

Allie saw Beth on the equipment and came running.

Sorry these posts haven't been more riveting. There really hasn't been much happening around here. I bought some plants today. Some Morning Glories and Minifamous. I plan to put them in a large pot and set them by the latice in the back yard.

Went to a yard sale put on by our MOPS group. Bought Allie a potty chair. Ryan and Sharaya plan to start potty training soon so I wanted one for her while she's at our house. Also got some electric trains and a track for the kids in our Special Connections class. They love trains!

Umm.... took Beth shopping. she bought the Tangled CD. Chuck fixed dinner while we were gone. :)

Well that's about it from here. Hope things are well at your house!


Kristin said...

Non-riveting also means everyone is healthy, no hospital stays, or emergencies. I love non-riveting weeks!

Unknown said...

It looks like a very fun day : )
The slide hair always makes me smile!

Caz said...

I'm already looking forward to being a grandmother one day. It's lovely to see Beth so involved and engaged with her niece....and congatulations to her on the weight loss, I know its not easy!