Saturday, June 30, 2012

Beyond Excited!!

Thursday was one of those days when everything went... right.

Diana got us tickets to be in the audience of a local show called New Day Northwest. I had been a part of a studio audience many years ago when my sister and her husband took me to see a taping of The Price is Right. But this was a first for Beth and Diana.

I had to drive downtown - not my favorite thing to do but we got there early enough to get a good parking space, then we walked a couple blocks to Starbucks to wait until the studio doors opened.

Being on the set was so energizing! Seeing the process of retakes, camera operation and set design was fascinating! We loved it! The first guest was Betsy Morgan, she plays Fantine in a production of Les Miserable that's playing right now in Seattle. Our entire family loves that musical and that was one of the reasons we got tickets to be in the audience.

After Betsy finished singing I Dreamed a Dream, the host of New Day Northwest, Margaret Larsen looks into the camera and says, "Everyone in our studio audience today gets a pair of tickets to see Les Mis next week!" That place erupted!!

We got a total of 6 free tickets!! So on Thursday, Chuck, Me, Beth, Diana, Sharaya and Ryan will all be seeing Les Miserables!! We are beyond excited!!

After the show we got free gelato ice cream, plus a free copy of a book written by one of the guests. Here we are in the lobby eating our gelato and watching the show we had just taped!

 On Thursday, July 5 at 8 PM we'll be here!!


Caz said...

I'd love to see Les Mis...hope you have another fantastic evening.

Jennifer Scott said...

So exciting!!! Les Mis is one of my faces as well. Hope you guys have a great time.

Becky said...

How fun...:)