Saturday, March 10, 2012

Guess Who's Coming to Visit?!

Next weekend, Steve, Becca and Samantha from The Bates Motel are coming for a visit! I'm so excited, I've been thinking about them almost every day. I can't wait to meet Sammi. And I can't wait for Beth to meet Sammi!

We haven't heard anything yet about Beth's job interview at Marshalls. It sounded like it went well, but since we haven't heard anything.....

Beth called me at work yesterday. She over slept and missed her bus to job class. She was crying and quite upset. I told her it would be okay. She called WVS (Washington Vocational Services) and told them she wouldn't be in. She hates to stay home. She'd rather be out shopping or doing anything. Mondays are her 'days off' and Sunday nights she'll always ask me, "What am I gonna do?" Usually when she's home she'll do chores for me, empty the dishwasher, vacuum or clean the bathroom. She also loves to do 'paperwork' as she calls it. Math papers, spelling, writing. She loves to be doing something.

On a little different subject, Diana is doing well. Right now she's in London. Started in Florida, then spent a few days in Dublin, Ireland and now London. She absolutely loves London. I think it's her favorite city in the world. This Wednesday is the premiere of The Hunger Games and she really wants to be one of the 200 that get to see the movie that night! I guess they go in with the stars of the movie and they all watch it together. She is beyond excited! 


Mom of 12 said...

Poor Beth! Sorry she was so upset!

Becca said...

We can't wait, too!!! I'll send you an e-mail by Wednesday to cement everything. :-) :-)

I remember the Beth-Over-Sleeping woes you wrote about before. :-( Sorry she missed it. Just tell her she can't oversleep next Sunday. LOL

Kristin said...

Very cool!

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