Sunday, November 6, 2011


I went downstairs last night to remind Beth it was daylight savings. We changed her clocks and I told her what time to set her alarm. She had to wake up early this morning because she was greeting at church!

When we got there, she put her bag and coat on her seat (Youth section, second row, far right. Been sitting there for many years.) Then she came out to the foyer and just stood by the window. I hesitated to go over to her cause I knew she didn't really wanna see me. But she was just standing there alone. I pointed over to the greeters who were gathering by the information booth and told her that she'd be praying with them in a few minutes.

I saw Bonnie, one of the head greeters tell another greeter, "I better go over and talk to her. She probably doesn't know where to go." Bonnie looked at me and we both smiled. She headed over to Beth and that's when I walked away.

A few minutes later I walked through the foyer and saw Beth praying with everyone. It was good to see her taking part in an adult activity.

Last night I explained that her routine would be a little different today but that it would be okay. Instead of going to the coffee shop before service, she would have to go before Sunday school. And she was okay with that!

After Sunday school we went to the grocery store and she bought herself some canned fruit and some pringles. I was able to talk her into buying a package of 6 small, they're not cans, more like plastic containers of Pringles instead of the tall can. She tends to eat the whole thing at once. This way she can take one individual container when she goes somewhere. Pringles aren't the healthest food for her, but that's why she also bought the fruit. Also, instead of her usual soda, she bought an individual orange juice to take to art and karoake! (On Wednesdays, she has an art class and karaoke class. She's gone for about 9 hours.)

She just called. "Dad? It's me, Beth." :) "I'm ready for you to pick me up." Choir rehearsal is over and she's ready to come home.


She needs to renew her Food Handlers Card in order to help with Thanksgiving. There's a class tomorrow night at church, but I hear you can now take the class on-line. Not sure what we're gonna do yet. If she doesn't do it on-line tonight, we'll probably go to the class tomorrow. She had a card once and took the test with her job coach. I think it was when she was working at Auntie Annes Pretzels. I'm not sure how her job coach did it, if she talked her through the test, double checking her answers, 'Are you sure you wanna mark B? Let's think about it first.' Am I gonna be be able to coach her like that? Can I give her hints? I'm kind of nervous about doing it in a classroom setting. I like the idea of doing it on-line.

A friend told me you watch a short video, then answer 5 questions. Then another video and 5 more questions. I like the idea of short segments. It'll make it easier for her to remember what she's just watched.

So, I don't know. I'll let you know what happens!

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Adelaide Dupont said...


I was wondering how greeting would go.

Best of luck for the "Food Handling" test, Beth!