Sunday, May 7, 2023

Toothless Smile, Pampered, and Abandoned

Chuck is watching hockey on TV and as I logged into the blog they reported about the shooting in Allen, Texas. It's the first I've heard of it! Oh Lord, have mercy on the families. 
Beth and I were coming home from the grocery store the other day and the radio station was telling it's listeners about seeking the Lord if they feel lonely, or scared, or abandoned. And Beth said, "I don't want to be abandoned."
"Beth why do you think you would be abandoned?"
"I dunno."
"Beth it's okay to tell me. Why do you think we would abandon you?"
Well come to find out, she's afraid we'll go on our trip and not come back. But the way she talked, it wasn't that she was afraid we were going to die, just that we'd decide not to come back home! I told her that could never happen! I told her she grew inside me and so she has a part of my heart and I have a part of hers. We could never abandon her!
So when we got home I had her get her calendar and I showed her the day we're leaving and the day we're coming home. We talked about what each of her days would look like, the things she'll do, when Sharaya and Ally would be here... I covered everything. (You know, as I'm typing this I'm wondering if she's feeling the loss of Diana and Peter. Diana I know you read this and I don't want you to feel bad! I think maybe she's just grieving you guys, but she doesn't realize it's 'grief'.) Hmm, I may need to have another conversation with Beth about this. 

On another note, our church held a women's conference this weekend and I got to attend! I worked for days before, even the morning of: meeting with the custodians to make sure the break-out rooms were set up and the correct tables were in the main foyer, and bathrooms were stocked and cleaned... but then I came back for the event and actually felt like a visitor! Women I didn't recognize were asking me my name and how long have I attended Westgate, and I responded like an attendee, not a staff member! It was so much fun! I had lunch with a lady I've known for a while but don't really know. We talked and laughed the whole time! Our husbands have a lot in common so now we're making plans to get together. Honestly, I don't have girlfriends that I hang out with. I'm such an introvert, and a homebody. But the last couple weekends have found me hanging out with other women and I loved it!
Getting Ready

Photo booth
Waiting for the doors to open after lunch
They estimate 150 women attended

Snacks while we wait

 Now from Seattle, to the east coast... Sharaya and Ally were in New Jersey last week and sent so many pictures of Adelaide!
They're pretty sure Adelaide is teething

Diana says shes yelling at her bear

And lastly, my two granddaughters. 
There are no words to explain how much I love these two!


Billie Jo said...

Hello! So happy to hear you had a nice time. I am the same, my friend. An introvert and a homebody! Your granddaughters are precious!!! Hugs!

ellen b. said...

How nice to be able to attend the conference you prepared the grounds for! That's nice. It's good that you kept after Beth to get to what really on her mind and making her anxious. Grands are such a sweet blessing!! Loved all the photos.

Terri D said...

You have such a beautiful family! I hope Beth will begin to understand about your trip and will not be so anxious. The conference sounds great and you look fabulous!

Pamela M. Steiner said...

I do hope that Beth will be able to have a fun time while you are away and not feel afraid in any way. May the Lord help her be comfortable and happy. So glad you were able to attend such a nice Ladies' Conference and relax and enjoy yourself!! You do look lovely! And Adelaide is adorable and so it Ally. You are blessed to have so many sweet and beautiful young ladies in your life!! God has truly blessed you.

Barb said...

Hi Cindy! I think you handled Beth's fear perfectly. She is so innocent and adorable. I hope you have a great time on your trip! It was fun to catch up with you! Hugs, Barb