Saturday, August 20, 2022

Various Updates

 I realize I haven't kept you updated on things going on around here.

First of all, Chuck's MRI came out clean. He's still cancer free!
Thank you for the ideas on the card game. Pokeno was the only one I recognized but after googling the games, I didn't remember the rules of any of them! The way Ally and I play it is a lot like Pokeno though. 
The email subscriptions: I've started adding everyone to my blog list but it might take a while to get all of you on it. Please forgive me if I haven't commented on your posts in a while.
I've been enjoying these quiet summer months. Work is about to get super busy so I'm taking Fridays off while I can and I'm loving having two days off in a row! It makes a huge difference!
Beth overslept on Monday and missed her bus to All Aboard. I think she set her alarm for PM instead of AM. She texted me at work about the time her bus was supposed to arrive. She's usually really good about being upstairs and ready so I expect the driver waited the required 5 minutes then left. That's not the first time that's ever happened to a driver! 
Sharaya and Ally will be moving soon. They found a place about 10-15 minutes from here, a two story, two bedroom condo. Ally was showing me some pictures and it's really cute. It has a fireplace, a small backyard, it looks perfect for them. 
We all went over to Diana and Peter's for lunch a couple weeks ago. They took us out to their garden. They share it with their neighbors, one side for them and the other for the neighbors. They have zucchini, bell peppers, tomatoes cucumbers, pumpkins, various spices... and we've loved reaping the benefits of their hard work!

 Just some of their harvest

 The bunnies sure have been multiplying lately. There are so many in the backyard now, I'm wondering if we should be doing something to control them. I saw these three out last night: it's hard to see but there's a tiny one just in front of mom's nose.
Then this other little guy hopped closer to me

Mom was checking on the rabbit hole.
I don't know if there's more in there!

I know there were some living under a bush in a different part of the yard, I don't know if it's the same bunnies or a whole new family. I'm starting to get a little concerned. Do they eventually move on? Are they here for the long term? Have you encountered bunnies in your yard?


Cathy said...

Great news that your husband is cancer free!! Love the bunnies, but I don't know much about them so I am no help there. Have a great weekend.

Pamela M. Steiner said...

So wonderful to hear that Chuck is still cancer free! Praise God! I enjoyed this post, and love the bunnies. I say just let nature run its course. They come and go. I think bunnies are really cute. But, do you have a dog? That could be a problem for the bunnies...just saying. Take care and have a wonderful weekend. The vegies sure looked good too.

Billie Jo said...

So happy to hear the news that your hubby is Cancer free!!! Amen!!!! Would you believe I literally did that same thing with my alarm yesterday? I was getting dinner, and I heard an alarm going off. It was 7:15 PM!!!! Have a good day, my friend!

Barb said...

Hi Cindy~ What wonderful news about your husband being cancer free!! I know that is such a blessing for your family, but especially for Chuck! I don't know much about bunnies, but I do know that they multiply quickly! Your daughters garden looks great, and how fun to split that space...and to share! Cute story about the alarm clock, sometimes those, am's and pm's just get mixed up ;0) Have a wonderful week, Cindy!! Hugs, Barb

ellen b. said...

Great report from the MRI! PTL! Congrats on the new condo for your daughter and granddaughter. We had rabbits in Kenmore but haven't spotted any on this property. Our kids have had one that has been eating stuff in their garden. No bueno. :) Enjoy those Fridays!!

Jennifer said...

So glad to hear about the clean MRI!! Hope you are having a good week.

Anonymous said...

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Ernie said...

Hi Cindy. This is my first time here. Great news that your husband's MRI is cancer free.

I noticed all of your travels in your notes on the side. We have done a lot of the same travelling as you all. We were supposed to go to Yellowstone this summer - 5th consecutive time it was cancelled. Ugh.

Bummer about the alarm. I tend to wake up a few minutes before my alarm - it's built in. Reg is the same way. Curly has done the am/pm mix up a few times.

We have a lot of bunnies. My son's dog lives with us. That's a whole story in and of itself, because I'm allergic to dogs. Finnegan goes crazy when he sees a bunny. I'd think that would deter them, but alas - no. I grow nothing outside, as the inside of the house keeps me busy enough, so they don't really bother me.

Also, happy anniversary. We celebrated our 26th on August 10th.