Wednesday, May 19, 2021

What Does One Wear?

Computer's fixed! I'm excited to share our weekend with you!

Our flight left at 11:30pm and after a two hour layover in Detroit, we landed in Newark, New Jersey at 10:30am NJ time. I'd never taken a red-eye before and I actually enjoyed it. It was fun to just hit-the-ground-running once we landed and start the vacation right away! 

It was a massive plane. They told Sharaya very few people are flying internationally so they're using these planes when they can. There were two seats on each side and four in the middle!

We flew in on Friday and came home Sunday. Every day was filled to the brim but I want to start with Saturday. The main reason we went. 

Me, Diana and Sharaya met Peter's mom and sister for brunch, then we headed to Ashley's Bridal. The search for the perfect dress was on!


I'm only going to post this one photo. This is Diana with my veil and silk bouquet, somewhere around 1998-2000. She's been looking forward to this day for a very long time. 😊


We were a little surprised to have a guy helping her (I whispered to Sharaya that she might have to go in and help her get dressed) but he was so good! She told him what style she was looking for and he would hand her the exact designer she wanted. When she was ready he'd help button the back and fix the dress once she was out with us. If she didn't like the sleeves he'd hide them, he answered all of her questions, he really was fantastic. She ended up trying on a total of 4 dresses. And in the end....


She said YES to the dress!! It looks absolutely stunning on her! We all cried, definitely didn't bring enough kleenex! Once she found the dress she was able to facetime her best friend back in Seattle and SHE cried! We all went to dinner afterward and Peter's mom asked her, "So what type of dresses do you want us to wear?" 

She said, "Well, we're kind of getting married in a castle." Oh, that's true! This is a picture of the venue off their website. So now I have a question for all of you.

What does one wear to a castle?


Pamela M. Steiner said...

Oh my! How exciting!! What a lovely lovely time for you and your daughters. When is the big day? And to be married in a castle! Wow! A true Princess Bride! Well, what should you wear? When is the wedding? What season? Summer? Fall? What is her color scheme? Is her dress in keeping with "castle" style? Is it a formal wedding? Long dress attire for you? So many questions to think of. I guess it would depend upon her theme/colors/season. Something elegant, fit for the mother of a princess bride in a castle...I am sure you will come up with the right dress...and when you do, don't forget we will all want to see the pictures of the wedding!! So happy for all of you!

Susan said...

I wore a long black dress for my son's wedding and my DIL loved it. She was with me when I picked it out. They got married in our church, time 3pm-11. I wore a short light colored dress for my son's dress and my DIL went shopping with me. Her mom wore the same color but a different style and it was perfect. They got married by the bay. I think a long dress for a castle but then that is between you and your daughter.

ellen b. said...

Oh my, that is a fabulous looking venue for a wedding. I think something glamorous but comfortable and reasonable shoes so you last through the end without having to be carried home!

betty said...

Beautiful place for a wedding! I'd be clueless what to wear :)

So glad she found a dress and it seems like you guys had a wonderful, albeit short, time together!

I flew one red eye a few years back. I'm not a flier and actually don't enjoy flying, but that red eye wasn't too bad (maybe because I couldn't see anything out the window or the 2 glasses of wine I had before take off :)

I look forward to see what you decide to wear for the wedding. It sounds grand!


Rebecca Jo said...

SQUUUEEALLL - I cant wait to see the dress.
I always said I would love to work in a dress shop - I'm sure its exhausting lifting all those dresses all day long - but how much fun would that be to help a bride find her dream dress!

Jeanie said...

How fun -- it sounds like just the best time for you all, and oh, the sweet celebration to come!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I've got tears in my eyes and chills seeing that castle. Wow! I'm so glad she found her dress. Sounds like a perfect weekend.