Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Heaven on Earth

When we were heading to the airport a couple weeks ago I opened the front door and Ally was behind me, then Sharaya, Chuck, we had our luggage... and I whispered, "Stop! Stop! Stop!" 

One of the baby birds was perched precariously on the edge of the nest! I put down my suitcase and tried to get my phone to take a picture but he flew away. The other birds were hunkered deep down in the nest and I knew by the time I got back from Pennsylvania they'd all be gone.

And I was right. The nest was on the ground and there were leftover twigs and sticks hanging from the wreath. The Junko family has moved out. It sure was fun watching them grow!

Sharaya and Ally came over for dinner on Saturday. After we ate we played Uno, and then went out back to sit and talk and play some more.


Sunday we celebrated Pentecost. We had food trucks out in the parking lot for people to have lunch after church which meant me and my crew arrived at 7:30am to cone off the parking lot and set up the round tables and chairs. It was a very early start but it is one of my favorite Sundays of the whole year! We have many Internationals at our church and they each carry a flag from the country they were born in. One by one they walk through the Sanctuary and then they go up on the platform and say, "Vietnam exalts the name of the Lord!" "Nigeria exalts the name of the Lord!" But they say it in their native tongue. Nation after nation after nation, there isn't a dry eye in the place by the time it's over!

Waiting in the foyer for their cue to start

A friend of mine took this picture

People wear their national dress. The church is filled with so many nations, tribes and tongues. It truly is heaven on earth.


Pamela M. Steiner said...

Oh, I love that your church has that tradition for Pentecost Sunday! How thrilling that must be to hear them in their own languages, like on the Day of Pentecost! Reminds me of the great missionary rallies we used to have at our church denomination conferences each year when we were in the ministry. The missionaries from every nation around the world would do the same thing with their flags, etc. It was truly like you said, "heaven on earth". Someday we will see every tribe and nation in heaven giving glory to God on high. What a day that will be! So thrilling indeed! Now, for your baby birds, I am glad they have all flown the nest and hopefully they are safe and happy. Our baby bluebirds are getting closer to that day. I saw one little head peeking up out of the hole in the birdhouse last evening. I expect it might be this weekend so I am watching the birdhouse closely. I enjoyed this post so much. Thank you.

Jeanie said...

How gorgeous to see those birds in the nest but I'm sorry you missed the flight. They don't stay long. I hope my wren has her babies in my bird B&B -- they pick several spots to build nests and then choose one! I'm on the list.

Cathy said...

That sounds like a really wonderful service. I would love to attend something like that some day.

Have a great day.

Rebecca Jo said...

I have chills imaging all the voices on the celebration. & FOOD TRUCKS - Yes - what a fun way to do it!

Terri D said...

What a wonderful way to celebrate Pentecost! I have never heard of it being done like that. Beautiful! xo

betty said...

Absolutely loved this post! I was telling my hubby about it and I broke out in tears. So touching, so meaningful. Would have loved to be there in person!