Friday, March 26, 2021


I don't know if you're like me but I go through seasons, short stages really, of having so much to write about and every day I can't wait to get on here and write! And then other times where I go weeks of not knowing what to write about and not even wanting to turn the computer on... I'm in the latter right now.

Well, what's been happening around here?

I got a covid test this week. I was around someone who was around someone who ended up testing positive. Then the person I was around tested positive so I decided to just get one. I didn't have any symptoms so I wasn't too surprised when it came back negative. But it feels good to know. 

I haven't had the vaccine yet. Honestly I'm a little hesitant. I'm not a big medicine taker. My mom and sisters both take (took) copious amounts of prescription meds and I saw the problems it caused. At one point in her life my mom was on, I think 19 medications. One night I flew down to stay with her because they didn't think she was going to make it through the night. She was delirious and hallucinating. Her doctor told us to just stop all of her meds. If this was the end it wouldn't matter anyway. Wouldn't you know, my mom woke up the next morning perfectly fine! I was shocked to see her sitting up in bed, perfectly okay. So I'm a little concerned about how these vaccines are going to affect people. IF they're going to affect people. What's gonna happen 6 months from now, a year from now. I kind of want to wait and see how people react to it. I'm not against it at all, I'm just... curious.

Let's see... I got my hair cut. I can't tell if it's too short for my taste or if it's just a shock because it was so long before!

 Before (This is natural. It gets kind of frizzy.)

After (Blow dried and straightened.)


Umm, what else? Ally and I are going to the Museum of Flight tomorrow! I bought tickets for us back in November but everything shut down a second time and they just refunded my money. So when they opened up again I bought them right away. We're ready to go! I'm so excited! 

Have you had the vaccine? 

Are you have reservations about taking it?

Where are you excited to go that you haven't been in a while?


Susan said...

I read up on it and decided to go for it. There is a risk element in everything we do. I have a greater chance of dying from heart problems and I hate taking cholesterol meds but I do. Most of my friends my age 60+ are taking it. You new hair cut looks great. I just cut mine shorter too! I haven't blogged all week. Just been busy around the house and bible journaling. Enjoy your weekend!

ellen b. said...

Good morning. Your hair looks real cute! Enjoy the museum. Andrew's graduation from UW was held there and it was fun to see him graduate amongst the flying machines!
About the v. Hubby and I are not going to get it especially since it is in the experimental stage. We aren't big pill takers either except we have added a regiment of vitamins during the last year.
Enjoy your day!

Terri D said...

I have had both Moderna shots and only had a bit of a sore arm both times. I also get a flu shot every year, have had pneumonia and the shingles vaccines. I believe in prevention and am happy to have the COVID shots behind me now. Your hair looks fabulous! Very cute.

Dianne said...

Love your hair. Took the vaccine, because at my age, I have nothing to lose. Maybe if I were younger, like you, I would think twice.

Pamela M. Steiner said...

I love your hair cut! It is very becoming! Re: the V. We have not had it yet. We are still debating it and like you, watching and waiting to see how it affects people. We are strong and healthy for our age. However, I am concerned that many people are making comments that people shouldn't be allowed to do certain things if they haven't been vaccinated...that really concerns me that we will be ostracized if we don't get the vaccine...but I still believe it should be a matter of personal choice and we should not be forced to get it if we do not feel it is right for us.

Regina said...

Your hair is gorgeous! As to the vaccine, I haven't gotten it. I'm just not sure about it.

Jeanie said...

What a newsy update! I love the hair.

I have had the vaccine, so has Rick. No adverse effects apart from one day after the second when I had a low fever and was very tired. Because I have had it, I feel greatly relaxed (not careless, still vigilant) and have been able to enjoy being with other vaccinated people without masks and see the grands. I feel far less nervous in public places, like the grocery. I feel like I can breathe again, like I had been holding my breath for over a year.

It was the greatest gift I've ever been given -- a simple shot (well, two simple shots).

And, it helps me be part of the solution, it helps me do my part to contribute to herd immunity and perhaps in time things will ease. I will avoid those who aren't vaccinated in any close quarters. People have being vaccinated since January (50 million) so we know what the reactions (if any) are and it's pretty much out of the "wait and see" range.

In our state, which is raging with Covid now, the highest number of people currently being ill -- including hospitalization and increasing deaths -- are 40-50 or 55. The second larges is 18-30. The fact that so many of those older have already been vaccinated tells me the vaccinations are helping prevent Covid. Nothing is 100 percent, but I'll do what I can to cut my chances.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

That is pretty amazing about your mom. Yes we have gotten both shots. Yes I didn't want to go but I was told by several doctor's that it was a must for me because of my COPD. However that doesn't mean that I trust it. I hate being a guinea pig. I'm getting a haircut on Thursday. I can't wait. Glad you test came back negative. Take care.

Meg said...

Have gotten both shots and am so relived and happy. Both to be vaccinated and to be doing my part to end this pandemic. While these particular vaccines are new, the underlying science has been developed over many years. Most people I know have gotten it and are very happy about that!