Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Things Have Been Pretty Quiet

It hasn't been a very exciting week so far so there isn't a whole lot to write about. I decided to go through my phone and see what pictures I've taken.

Look at these 70's sleeves! Takes me right back to Jr. High


Our maintenance guy is out for a few days and wouldn't you know it, everything breaks!

A toilet kept gurgling like it was continuously flushing. I looked at it and fiddled with a few things but nothing worked. We turned the water off and will just wait for him to get back.

One of our trees lost a massive branch and was blocking the driveway. I called one of the custodians to help me drag it over to a corner of the lot. (Actually he dragged it, I took hold of a branch and just looked like I was helping.)  😁

The elevator fire service light came on so it shut itself off. I put out an email to the staff then called Thyssenkrupp. Thankfully they were able to send a tech out that afternoon and he fixed it right away.

We had a power outage a couple weeks ago. Beth hates the dark so she came upstairs, we brought out the flashlights and hung out for a while. It was out all night so we ended up sleeping in the living room. We were SO thankful for that fireplace! I heard some people didn't get their power restored for days! 😟

Diana survived another Nor'easter. This was their second big snowstorm this season and she's had enough. All done with snow, now it's time to move on to spring! I wish they'd share a little with us. Seattle is ready for a good snowfall!

We're celebrating Chuck's birthday tonight (it's actually on the 6th) so I should close and go buy some cake. Or pie. He hasn't decided yet which one he wants. Sharaya and Ally are coming over. Maybe I'll get both.

Have you had a lot of snow this year?

Do you want a lot of snow?

Have you had a power outage? 

What was the longest time you went without power?


Pamela M. Steiner said...

Wow, when you said the name Thyssenkrupp that brought back memories for me at my last job. We had to totally redo our church elevator and bring it up to code. It was quite an expensive job, and they were the people to call to maintain it. I remember dealing with them, oh yes! I was also the supervisor of the custodians for our church, and it always seemed things broke when they weren't there. Yep, I remember that too. I am thankful to be retired now! Yes, we have had power outages for several days after hurricanes here in FLorida. Thankfully for the last one we had actually bought a generator, and it saved the day! I think we were out about 3 days. That wasn't too bad. We don't get snow here...but it does get pretty cold, and if the power goes out when it is cold, we get cold! LOL. It will be down in the 20's tonight they say! Yikes! Thankful for our good heat. I hope Chuck has a wonderful birthday. Did you get cake or pie? I love both, and often have both for my birthday! Blessings to you and your family.

Terri D said...

No snow here in Central Florida. I have no desire to ever see snow in person, ever again. Born and raised in Ohio and moved here from Northern Virginia after back-to-back blizzards in the winter of 89. We have power outages during hurricane season but fortunately, it has been a few years. We do have a generator. We were without power for three days after three hurricanes came through back in 2004... Charlie, Frances, and Jeane. Kinda scary that year.

Jeanie said...

I hate it when the toilet makes noises. I feel totally helpless.

We have about 4 inches and more expected, hopefully not too much. About six years ago we were without power (or rather Rick was, I still had it two blocks away) for 11 days in sub temps. Much of the city was out. It wasn't a happy time.

Barb said...

Hi Cindy~

When it rains it pours! It seems like everything breaks down when it shouldn't. We really need some snow. I'm afraid we'll be in a drought if we don't get some serious snow before spring. I'm so sorry for, Diana! Happy Birthday to Chuck!! I hope he had cake and pie! Poor Beth, I know how frightening the dark can be, thank goodness you have a fireplace to keep you warm and have a little cozy light.

We did get a couple of inches of snow last night, but we need more. I can't remember the last time we had a big power outage, it must have been a few years ago and it was only for a couple hours. My daughter just put in a whole house generator and they only live a few miles away, so we can always go to her house...if we can get there.

Have a good rest of your the the big sleeves!

Hugs and Love,

16 blessings'mom said...

NOPE to the 70's sleeves. :). We have lots and lots of snow here in central NY state. After the nor'easter, the lake effect from Ontario comes down and pummels us. Power outages are rough for us because we have well water, so no power means no water either. We do have a propane stove, so we can at least heat water for coffee, if we have any water ha. Our power goes out here and there, but the longest was for a week several years ago, from a huge wind storm.
It seems like you've got it all under control at work! I know here at home, things would always break when Paul was out of town, for some reason he can fix a toilet and I cannot.

Billie Jo said...

So much snow here this year!
Steve and Rhett have shoveled the driveway every morning! I hate when things are broken or making weird noises. Steve and I are no help at fixing them, but are so thankful Peyton's Christopher can fix ANYTHING!!! Have a cozy afternoon.

ellen b. said...

So far this year we have had snow that has been easy to deal with. No huge pileups. Not enough to warrant snowplowing, which is good since we don't have a snowplow. We are thinking about getting a snowplow attachment to install on the front of our truck. We have not had significant outages since we moved to our country bungalow, a couple hours at the most and not often. Our longest outage is when we lived on your side of the mountains. In 1990--92ish when we were without power for a solid week!
Glad you got that new fireplace insert!!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Happy Birthday to Chuck! That's crazy about the things that happen when your maintenance guy was out. Oh my, I remember those sleeves. So sorry about your power. Glad you had the fireplace. Yes, the Northeast is getting hit hard and the Midwest too. Burr!!!