Wednesday, August 28, 2019

A Text From Beth, Childhood Memories and Swimming Pools

August has been such a difficult and emotional month. I hope things are beginning to settle down and September will be better.

I got this text from Beth a couple weeks ago:

"my life ear got big pot already"

Hmmm. I showed it to Chuck and thought maybe it's like that game where you have to say it fast so you can understand it?!


And that actually helped!!

We stayed in an Airbnb while we were in San Diego and the backyard had a pool. 

It was, it's hard to describe. I grew up in San Diego and for a few years we had a house with a below ground pool and the memories that came flooding back when I walked out to that backyard took me by surprise! In the 5th grade I would get up before my parents and be in the pool even before breakfast. I remember swimming at night and seeing my shadow in the pool light as I swam laps. 

So I absolutely loved this Airbnb!

Well anyway, Beth's ears plugged up the minute she went underwater and they stayed plugged for days. I tried using a, like a nostril suction bulb in her ears; she would plug her nose and try breathing out but nothing worked. Then one afternoon she was at All Aboard and sent this text:

my life ear got big pot already

Which essentially means, "My left ear has finally popped!" 

And I guess it was a big pop too!

Do you know how to swim?
Do you have memories of swimming when you were growing up? 


ellen b. said...

Glad that ear popped finally! How nice you had this nice air b & b with a pool and it brought back good memories. I can't remember when I learned to swim. I had friends with pools and enjoyed time in their pools but I remember clinging to the edge of the pool in the deep end and moving along the edge. We walked to the city plunge when I was in elementary school. It cost a dime. I stayed in the 3 foot pool the whole time.
Hope your September is a healing month for you.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Glad her ear popped! I don't have a lot of memories swimming as a child. I grew up in Chicago. I know how to swim.

Rebecca Jo said...

LOL!!! Parents can always figure out what their babies are saying - even via text :)
OH MAN - I deal with ear issues & when they are clogged, its the worst. Glad it POPPED ALREADY :)

Adelaide Dupont said...

I seem to be the fish in my family - and had a group of sporting friends who raced ahead of me in the pool and on the beach.

Lots of river and creek wandering too.

One attained her Medallion in the late 1990s. The one that helps you rescue and lifeguard in tricky situations around a pool deck and in any watery environment.

The most recent time I swam as an adult was this February in the ocean on a sandy beach.

My memories of swimming include chlorinated pools. And hydrotherapeutic and water awareness/familiarisation work.

The first time I swam was when I was 5 years old - as a teenager and young adult I took lessons up to the third level.

Ever since I have swum for pleasure and for exercise - in deep and in cold water.

I used to enjoy sports and competitions too and camps - like playing Marco Polo at a Salvation Army mountain camp.

Because of the risk to my ear canals I choose my swimming opportunities very carefully.

I am looking forward to swimming in a spa or hydrotherapy situation.

That is one thing I am going to make time to do this September or even October.

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