Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Just Family Stuff

I called Christine and invited her to come see Beth at work. She's been Beth's job coach for about 8 years and we think of her as one of the family. We're no longer using her company but we know she loves Beth and only wants the best for her. She was so excited to see Beth and is so thankful we found a job for her.

Nick came to church with us on Sunday and then we all went out to eat The Hook. We'd never been there before, they specialize in seafood but they also have burgers, breakfasts, a good variety of stuff. Unfortunately the fish was dry, the potatoes were kind of bland and the prices were high. Oh well, now we know!

Sharaya and Allie headed home and the rest of us stopped at a little overlook. It's a tiny space between a couple of houses but they've put in a bench and 4 parking spaces so it's nice to just stop for a few minutes and enjoy the view!


Debby@Just Breathe said...

That was sweet of Christine to visit Beth. Sorry about The Hook!! That looks like a lovely overlook. Nice view.

Regina said...

What a lovely view. That's a bummer about The Hook. We had a similiar experience at Five Guys. We wanted to try them out since they claim they beat In-n-Out for best burgers. The fries were really bad and their burgers didn't even come close to being better. And the prices were very high.

Billie Jo said...

That is a beautiful view!
Sorry about the restaurant.
That is always a disappointment when that happens.
So happy for your girl!

Rebecca Jo said...

I love beautiful overlook places. I can get lost just sitting there in the gorgeousness of nature.
I hate when you try a new place & its like, Wish we never came. Boo!
I love Christine got to see Beth thrive!!!