Saturday, September 29, 2018

What Beth Has Been Up To

I snapped this picture of Beth and Allie when we were driving home from the airport after our trip to San Diego.


We went to the mall the other day and did some shopping at JC Penney. I parked in the parking garage like usual and then realized we had to go up stairs to get socks and other things she needed.

After we had everything, I suggested she look for a new shirt. She rarely buys clothes, usually only when I encourage her to buy something. So we headed back down the escalator and looked and looked for her size, only to find out they were back upstairs! :) 

She's drawn to bright colors and found a really cute shirt that she wanted to try on. We were so excited when it fit her around the waist and in the shoulders! (I find most of the shirts she tries on are too tight at her waist or really baggy up top.) But this was just right! I guess I should have taken a picture of her in it! She's worn it a couple times already, I'll try to get one next time.

After we bought everything, it was back downstairs to the car!

I was walking through the foyer last Tuesday evening and spotted her sitting in a chair.

Sound asleep!! She's been sleeping a lot: if we're in the car for just a few minutes, when we're in the waiting room at the doctor's office... I know she hasn't been using her CPAP machine a lot so I had her watch a video on 'how to gain confidence' when using it. We went on line and looked at her results. I showed her how many hours a night she wore it, how many times she took the mask off and on during the night, they keep track of all that for you.

She did really well the night after we watched the video but is struggling again to wear it more than a couple hours each night. Thankfully we see the sleep doctor on Monday. 

So what have you been up to lately?


Rebecca Jo said...

We need a pic of her in her new shirt :)
Bless her heart... that's crazy that sleeping without the machine causes her to be so tired. Scary to think how much she's struggling in her sleep without it. Hopefully she'll get the confidence to use it more.

Marilyn @ MountainTopSpice said...

I've heard those CPAP machines are quite uncomfortable to wear, hoping that medical technology improves with that, because so many people benefit from wearing one. Hopefully she will wear it more though, and feel better. Glad Beth found a shirt she liked too :) Blessings and hugs!

jody lynn said...

awesome, jcp is my fave, i'd order like 10 of those shirts before they dissapear. i wish i could sleep like beth, oh boy!!!!