Sunday, September 9, 2018

A BBQ and A Supreme Court Justice

Our church held it's big Fall Kick Off today. It's when all of our classes and bible studies begin, the children in our Kids Ministry all move up to their new classes and this year we had a BBQ out in the parking lot.

I helped set up, then went and taught Sunday school. After the kids all left, we cleaned up the class room, then Beth and went went out to have lunch with everyone. Then we got up to help tear everything down. 

The forecast kept hinting at rain for today, first they said the afternoon, then it would come in the evening. Course, you never really know!
Setting up.
It was at this point we realized we were about 12 tables short!

Beth is on the left, in the teal.

Gathering all the salt and pepper shakers.

She saw these tablecloths blowing out of the trash and ran over to push them all back down.

We all finished cleaning up around 3:00 and I think the rain began at around 6:00. Whew! But it was beautiful during the BBQ! 

While we were doing that, Sharaya and Allie went to the UDub (University of Washington) and got to hear Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor! I'm in awe of Sharaya, the way she's introducing Allie to so many powerful, strong women. Instilling in her that women have a voice and they can serve in places of authority.



Rebecca Jo said...

That is really cool to teach a girl young about the power of a woman's voice!!!!
Glad your weather held off for the BBQ
How is Beth's burns healing up?

Billie Jo said...

Great BBQ!
Hope you are enjoying fall, my friend!

bj said...

Oh, that looks like everyone was having a good time...your church must be very large...that's a lot of people. It is always good to see Beth taking part in these things...xoxo