Thursday, July 5, 2018

Empty Nesters

I checked the birds nest again the other day and they were all piled inside! Mama Bird was sitting on a wire waiting for me to get into my car and drive away.

Then yesterday we headed out to the parade and I peeked into the nest...

Gone! I'm so sad! But hopefully Mama Bird will be back next year.

Sharaya and Allie spent the 4th with friends on Treasure Island just north east of Tacoma yesterday. Diana is, of course, in Pennsylvania so it was just Chuck, Beth and I at the parade. Edmonds is a city of about 42,000 people but downtown, in the heart of the city they put on a small-town parade and we love it! 

We went down the night before and set out our chairs and each year it fills up earlier and earlier. But we found a good spot and staked our claim!

Beth and I happened to be at the porta potties when it started but we were able to cross the street and get back to our seats in just a few minutes. Whew!

There were the cutest little cheerleaders!

Of course, when it's a small town parade, you tend to know a lot of people in it. We have friends who are very involved in theater and they drove the truck and their kids handed out candy.

Our church has a men's residential aftercare program and they march every year.

The lady walking toward us is Cheryl, Beth's BFF.

When it got too warm, Beth would pull out her fan!

The Seahawks fan bus played some awesome music that everyone was singing along to. Even Beth!

 See her hand?
Yeah baby, she was jammin'! :)
Actually she really did begin to swing her shoulders and bob her head, she really got into it!


But I think her favorite part was the Star Wars characters! 

One of them even came over to talk to her but was too close for me to get a picture. She was pretty excited!

Then we came home, fixed burgers and had our usual jello and whipped cream for dessert. Red, white and blue of course!

I hope you had a great day celebrating our nations birthday!

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Rebecca Jo said...

Nothing like a 4th of July town parade.
Looks like Beth loved every minute of it!
Ahhh - baby birds are like kids - they dont stay babies for long.