Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Job Interview

Beth had a job interview last week with MOD Pizza.

(Thanks Google) 

Her job coach had to leave because the manager doing the interview was running late so another coach filled in but she said she thought it went really well.

Beth won't be folding boxes this time. Instead she'd come in in the morning, before the store opened and she'd pull the chairs off the tables from when they mopped the night before. She'd wipe tables, fill napkin holders, and just get the dining area ready for customers. 

 Then when the store opened, she'd head home. It sounds perfect for her but the store is under construction and we won't know for a few more weeks.

Beth has our church's app on her phone and she wrote this prayer request on Sunday:

'Jesus please answer my prayer right now is my new job I really want to get this job because I really need it every day and I am very serious about this prayer right now... I need to speak out loud and we are still waiting for them too call us and you always been there for me Jesus please answer my prayer right now Jesus and I am not kidding about it.'

What have you been praying about this week?


Barb said...

Hi Cindy!

I missed the, magnet post! I'm so sorry about your friends passing, always so hard for those left behind... :0(

Your photos were beautiful! And, a BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY to BETH!!!! Looked like she was enjoying her lunch! Your family is just beautiful, Cindy!

I loved Beth's prayer - so sweet and sincere, she is adorable, and I know that her prayer was heard. I will pray for her to get the job as well. It sounds perfect for her!

I actually live in Idaho - not too far from you, well, a good days drive or more... :0) I have family in Seattle, so as a child we would make that drive often in the summer. I live in Shelley, Idaho, about 10 miles east of Idaho Falls. We do seem to share the same weather, I think it just blows in from Washington!

Have a great day!

Hugs and Love,

Saimi said...

Oh my gosh, my husband and I love Mod Pizza how fun for Beth!! I hope she gets the job! I know the Lord is mindful of her and heard her prayer and If I was the manager of Mod, I'd definitely give her the job!

Billie Jo said...

I will certainly pray for Beth!!!
That job sounds wonderful for her!!!
I have been praying for my Mother-in-law, who is nearing the end of her journey here, as well as my husband and his siblings. Also, I pray for a dear blog friend recovering from surgery.
Lovely post!

bj said...

I have a long prayer list...but Beth is going to the top of it. I so so hope she can get this job. How good it would be for her to gain confidence a job can offer her. Please tell her GOOD GOOD LUCK and that one of your blogging friends is sure pulling for her.

ellen b said...

Love that prayer! Hope the job comes her way. We've been praying for a couple other family members for jobs, too. :)

Marilyn @ MountainTopSpice said...

I am certainly praying now that Beth will get this job, or certainly one that is perfect for her! I love how she prays, she has a boldness, and a faith that is a blessing to see! I know the Lord will answer her prayer! Hugs to you today :)

Unknown said...

Great article! I am glad the interview went well. You took care of everything and it paid off!