Saturday, November 26, 2016

She Was The Ride Along

Deep Breath. Exhale.

Thanksgiving is over and now we can think about Christmas.

Our church puts on a free dinner for the community every year and so that's where we spend Thanksgiving. 

We serve over 1000 people and it takes more than 500 volunteers to get it all done!

I was in charge of the Busers and Servers this year, a job I've never done before so things have been a little stressful for me the last few months.

It was my job to place all 46 tables in a way that allowed space for the busers and servers to move around; for the large food carts to get through and for everyone to leave in an emergency if needed.

Thankfully another group of volunteers actually set the tables!

A few of the busers and servers getting ready.

 Servers, busers and table hosts ready and waiting for the guests to enter.

 The doors opened and the guests poured in!
(We did this 3 different times - 11:00, 1:30 and 3:30. As soon as the guests from one seating left, we reset the tables and did it again!)


We also provide transportation for those who need it and that's where Chuck and Beth volunteered. Chuck drove the shuttle bus and Beth was his 'ride along'. He told me that they picked up an older couple who was blind and Beth gently led the woman off the bus and into the church! (No pictures though.)

This was our 22nd year and it is always an honor to serve so many people!

We hope you all had a blessed Thanksgiving too!


bj said...

Oh, my goodness...what a HUGE job...for every one involved, I'm sure.
What a nice thing to do for so many people. Blessings to you..xo

Caz said...

That's such a huge and fantastic undertaking. I hope there was some point in the day when you and Chuck and Beth got to sit down and eat.

Billie Jo said...

My friend...
What a beautiful work of mercy!
I am in awe of you and your family...
Have a cozy, restful day!