Thursday, November 17, 2016


We went shoe shopping tonight. 
She tried them on and squealed because she liked them so much!

Our rule is that she has to walk around the store. 
There were too many times that we'd buy the shoes and when we got home, she'd never wear them. She couldn't tell me why she didn't like them, she just didn't. 

So now she has to walk around the store. 

 This time she liked them so much she spun around and at one point, even started dancing!


Michelle said...

So sweet!! You go girl!

Caz said...

They look like a good choice. I hope they're still being liked.

KT said...

I could've written this post! I've bought many a pair of shoes for my stepdaughter (who has Down Syndrome) and the same thing. She likes them in the store but then refuses to wear them. I like the walking around the store routine!

Rebecca Jo said...

Smart. I need to start remembering to walk around the store too!!
I just went & got a new pair of shoes at Payless too!! They have the cutest shoes for every occassion.