Monday, January 4, 2016

A New Normal

We have a new normal, and it keeps changing.

I think I already told you that Chuck worked for U.S. West / Qwest / Centurylink (the phone company) for 19 years. Everyday he'd take the bus into work, sit at his desk for 8 hours, then come home. He had evenings and weekends off and we came to rely on that.

Then they decided to close his department. With progress comes outdated technology and his department wasn't needed anymore. He looked for work for 6 months, then finally landed a job driving those same buses he used to ride to work everyday.

Now he's low-man-on-the-totem-pole and he doesn't know his hours until the day before. Sometimes he goes to work at 0-dark-thirty and other days he goes in the afternoon. He works evenings and weekends and even holidays.

This Christmas we were at Sharaya's house. It's different going to someone else's house because all of your usual traditions don't happen. And they shouldn't happen because it's not your house. We had a great time, she had snacks and drinks and fixed a great lunch. We opened presents and took pictures, it really was a great morning!

Then 12:00 rolled around and Chuck had to leave for work. Our new normal. I don't like it, but I'm adjusting.

Sharaya had to drop Allie off at her dads (Sharaya's new normal) then her and Diana went to the movies. 

Beth and I came home and sat at the kitchen table and talked. I asked her if she wanted to play some board games but she said no. We drank tea. We talked. Last year her and I went bowling and I don't know why I didn't think of that this year! I wish I had.

I thought about some dear friends who are living a new normal. One is in a rehab center recovering from a stroke. His family brought his gifts to him and helped him open them. Another friend's mom (80 yrs old) had been hit by a car just a few days before Christmas so they all had Christmas at the hospital. Another friend who, like my daughter, left her husband last year. I bet this Christmas was a new normal for her too.

It seems so many peoples lives have been uprooted, unsettled, and their futures uncertain. One thing I do know though, no matter how crazy things get here on Earth, God is still on His throne. None of it has taken Him by surprise and He has the answers. He may not always tell us the answers, but He knows what's going on, He knows the next step and He will never leave us.

I pray you had a good New Year's celebration (we clinked our glasses at midnight and were in bed by 12:30!) and I hope the God of Truth fills your hearts and minds in 2016!


The aftermath

This was Beth while she and I sat at the table back at home.
She was out! I guess I'm not a very good conversationalist! :)


Caz said...

Change is hard, especially at times of tradition and ritual. Yes, new normal.I loved having your family picture in my space over Christmas among other cards. Thank you. Happy new year Cindy and Beth x

jody lynn said...

so true, i am thankful for alot, but thru divorce a new normal has set in here as well and it's just different....sometimes good health trumps the old normal. Always love your stories, keep it up and let's get an update on Beth's beau. LOL