Monday, June 22, 2015

My Other Girls, They Just Know This Stuff

Beth received a gift card to a local movie theater and all of her friends are talking about Inside Out. Beth REALLY wants to go see that movie! So I told her that we'd look into it when I got home today.

I had her pull up a chair to the computer and showed her the Google list of theaters.

I told her there are different theaters; Lowes, Regal, etc. and her gift card is to Regal. It's the same as if she got a gift card to Target, she couldn't use it at Penney's.

So we looked at the different theaters near our home, but they weren't playing the Inside Out movie. Then we found one a couple cities away, so we looked at all the different times it was playing at that theater.

I explained how we'd have to change her schedule to be able to go to that particular theater, but she wasn't sure she wanted to do that.

So I told her simply, what her options were:
1. We could wait until it's playing at a theater closer to home.
2. We could go to the other theater but she'd miss her karaoke group.

She was quiet for a few seconds then said, "I wanna think 'bout it."

Okay, no problem.

Now, if this were Sharaya and Diana, they would have known where it was playing, bought the tickets on-line and driven us there themselves.

With Beth? Things are just... different.

(Thnx Google)

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Caz said...

And another parent might not have had the patience or understanding to lead Beth through the options to a point where she is able to take time to make a decision. Such good, complex, loving parenting.