Friday, May 29, 2015

Her Co-Workers Don't Know What To Think

Beth's job coach, C called me the other day to tell me that Beth absolutely l-o-v-e-s her new job!

At the old location she would fold approximately 250 boxes per 3 hour shift. She's been at this new location now a little over a month and already she's folding 350 boxes in the same 3 hour shift!

C told me that she saw Beth's co-workers eyes get as big as saucers as they watched her fold boxes. When the store manager agreed to hire Beth, she was the first person with special needs to work there and they had no idea what to expect. They were shocked at how many she was folding! She was going so fast, that they were running out of space to put them all! Finally C asked if she should start folding a different size and they said, "Yes please!" They just stood there, watching her work!

She is blowing them away with her ability to do the job and do it well.

Beth is changing the culture where she works and showing that people with special needs are just like everybody else. Capable, eager to work and deserving.



Michelle said...

Go Beth! Love this post - opening eyes. I've been so far behind on blog reading and I've missed reading the updates on Beth. Why the change in job location? Is this one closer to home? I thought I remember the other one being a bit far from home? Happy to hear that even though they didn't know what to expect they gave her a chance and look at her showing them what she can do!

Mardr said...


Cheryl Zorko said...

I am so proud of Beth! Love everything about my very special friend.

Caz said...

This is such good news. The breaking down of preconceptions and showing that she is a skilled and effective worker, alongside ALL THOSE BOXES - she's doing more than one job there.

Unknown said...

I love it! She is definitely changing minds there and that is more important than anything else. I'm glad she loves the new location.