Friday, April 10, 2015

More Than Just Window Shopping

Beth and I spent a lot of time shopping over Easter. She wanted a new dress and needed new shoes so we went to JC Penny's and Target and Payless...

She found the dress right away. I was looking in one area and turned around to see her holding it up. I told her it was really cute and she said she wanted to try it on.

The first one... and it fit her really well! Too often it's too big in the chest or the sleeves are too long or it drags on the ground... it's really hard to get clothes to fit her. But this fit AND looked so cute on her! She was thrilled! In the dressing room she'll get this look on her face where she scrunches up her shoulders and turns her head and gets a big smile on her face, you know that's when she likes it!


Sharaya and Allie came over for dinner on Sunday, we played some board games and just hung out together. We really had a great Easter.
By the way, Beth is enjoying her new job! She had been at the old place for over two years and was able to work without her job coach C, but because this was a new location, C made sure she was there the entire first night. About 1 hour into Beth's shift, I got a text from C, "Beth is doing amazing and she's ready for me to go home." She really did adjust quickly and was actually home last week at 7:30 PM! Almost 3 hours earlier than normal! Woohoo!


Meredith said...

Beth looks beautiful!!! And way to go at the new workplace!!

Caz said...

I've been hoping the new workplace was going well. And the fit of that dress is fantastic - Beth looks great.

Unknown said...

Beautiful dress---great color on her!

I am so glad that her new job is working out well and that she was super confident. WTG, Beth!

Unknown said...

I love the dress!