Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Into The Woods. Not the Movie, We Really Did Go Into The Woods!

Diana wants to go walking or hiking every Monday and she asked me to come with her this week. There is a park near our house that we drive by all the time, but have never gone walking there.

Some good friends of ours nicknamed them The Woods Between the Worlds from Chronicles of Narnia. You drive through a residential area and then all of the sudden, you're right in the middle of the forest! It's truly beautiful, especially in the Spring when all the trees are getting new leaves. So on Monday we parked the car and walked along the trail.

It was so pretty. And quiet.

At one point, a smaller trail veered off the main path so we ended up following it to see if we could get to the river that we could hear. There's a creek or something at the bottom. It seemed SO close but the trail sort of ended. Well, it actually just dropped off and Diana started down but began to slide and we weren't sure where it would take us... and neither of us were really dressed for that kind of hike.

One of Diana's friends told her later that there is a rope swing at the bottom! Now we're determined to go back and make it down that hill!


Caz said...

Perfect antidote to a Monday! Love finding wild places and having adventures!

Life with Kaishon said...

Very pretty.