Friday, January 2, 2015

The Fremont Troll

We've lived in Seattle for 26 years and had never been to the Fremont Troll! The troll was built in 1990 when the Fremont Arts Council held a contest for people to create a sculpture to be placed under the Aurora Bridge. It was made out of rebar, chicken wire and cement.

Our younger girls have been to the troll. We've read about the troll and seen it on TV but never been there ourselves. So on Monday Chuck, Beth and I went to see the troll.

He's 18 feet tall and yes, that's a real VW bug under it's paw. Claw? I'm not sure what it's called! (The bug was red when it was first placed there!) It really was fun to climb all over it, see all the people that kept coming by to look at it and take pictures of it.

We were only there for a few minutes cause there's not a whole lot to do there. But I'm so glad we finally went to see it! Even Beth was excited and didn't mind climbing all over so I could get a good shot. And now we can finally say we've seen the Fremont Troll.



Caz said...

That's bonkers (in a good way)! I'd love to have a giant troll to visit!

Jody Lynn said...

omg, hilarious. You must have a pretty good community that it is not vandalized with spray paint etc. Glad you got go back to the beach too!!!! Happy new Year

I am said...

There is also a huge Stalin in Fremont. The Saturday market in Fremont is also pretty fun and lots of different things. I'd suggest Golden Gardens as well if you haven't been there yet. A bonfire there in the summer everyone in WA should do once.