Friday, January 23, 2015

Come, Have a Seat. Would You Like Some Tea?

I'm home alone right now and it sure is quiet in this house. Would you like some tea? I take cream and sugar. You? I prefer tea over coffee. The only time I drink coffee is when I go to the coffee stand at work which isn't very often. Chuck and Diana love Starbucks so sometimes I'll order a double white chocolate mocha. Single shot of coffee, but double the while chocolate! I don't like coffee, but I'll tolerate a little with my chocolate. :)

It's been so quiet around here without Sugar. Before, you would hear her shake when her tail would smack against the couch in a fast rhythm. Then she'd dig at her blankets until they were just right, before settling back down for another nap. Each day without her has gotten a little easier.

I'm getting ready to do my nails. I haven't painted them in months but they're starting to grow again so I thought I'd put on a little polish.

Chuck is still looking for a job. He left Centurylink almost 4 months ago and still, no positive news. He has completed some medical stuff for King County Metro (sleep study, etc.) so he may be starting some training with them next week. He's a little nervous though because the training starts on Superbowl Sunday! Aahhhh! He might miss his beloved Seahawks! Did you see the game against Green Bay? Wow.

Beth may be changing jobs soon. Well, not jobs really, but locations. The store she's at now is about 45 minutes from home. Plus it's in a notorious traffic jam. Everyone around here dreads the commute from Edmonds / Lynnwood up to Marysville. Especially on Friday nights, which is when Beth works up there. A couple weeks ago DART somehow forgot to pick her up. (Did I already tell you this?) They called me in a panic at 9:15 (she gets off work at 8:00) "We're so sorry! We're sending a driver up there now!" She didn't get home that night until almost 10:30. So her job coach is looking into finding her a job closer to home. Same pizza place, just a different location. We're praying!

Well, not too much else to tell you about right now. Have a great weekend!   

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Caz said...

Milk, no sugar x