Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The Long Walk

We usually buy Beth's bus pass on-line but because we were on vacation last month we completely forgot until it was too late. So we had to go get it in person.

I knew the building was at the park and ride, but I didn't know where at the park and ride. We drove around one whole lot but didn't find one open parking space. So we headed down a different lot. A very large lot.

We found a spot to park and after walking quite a ways I found a small coffee shop and the gentleman pointed me in the direction of the Rideshare store. I didn't realize there was a parking lot right next to it!

Oh well. We bought her pass and began the long walk back to the car.
Across the Bus Only entrance
Past one large lot and into our lot
Then all the way down to our car. (We were at the far end of this row.)
But she got her bus pass! One happy camper!

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Meredith said...

Beautiful carousel photo. Very good job ladies!