Wednesday, July 16, 2014

"Stack of Boxes"

Beth sent me this text last week: I DID IT FIVE STACK OF BOXES MOTHERA

Me: Beth you are amazing!

Beth: YES I AM

This girl works at Little Caesars and she works hard! She folds pizza boxes, 3 hours a night, two nights a week.

The boxes come flat, wrapped in plastic in groups of 50. She moves each group from one counter to another, unwraps them, folds them and puts a sticker on each box. The stacks get so high, she needs help placing them on the top.

That's 250 boxes. In 3 hours. She's a pizza box ninja!!



Caz said...

Beth you really are amazing!

JC said...

She's amazing and she knows it :)

Unknown said...

Dang, girl, just looking at those boxes makes me tired. Rock on, Beth!

Susan said...

Wow! A true mountain of boxes! I really love the proud smile on her face.