Saturday, July 5, 2014

One Tired Girl

Beth walked in a parade yesterday with her friends from All Aboard. She's done this now for 4 years and looks forward to it every year.

Unfortunately Sharaya and Diana were in a different parade and we weren't able to see them. :( They both work for a car dealership and Sharaya got to drive a vw bug convertible! They said they saw a lot of familiar faces lining the street and it seemed kinda weird to be driving slow waving at all their friends.

Her first time in a convertible!

Chuck and I dropped Beth off at 9:00, then went to get our seats along the parade route. The parade started at noon and we didn't have to wait long until All Aboard came around the corner. (They actually walked about 1/2 mile TO the parade, walked the parade route, then 1/2 mile back to the meeting room.)
They were all so excited, waving at the crowds and smiling! You could tell they absolutely LOVED being there! We were looking for Beth and looking for her...
Then we spotted her. I'm so glad she was on our side of the street!
We picked her up after the parade and went out to lunch. Drove to a park and hung out before having to take her to work. Turns out they were closing early and she wasn't even on the schedule to work that night! Oh well. Came home and watched fireworks on TV this year. We really had a great day!
One tired girl!

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Meredith said...

What a great tradition! Cute photos!