Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Went To The Doctor Yesterday

I'm the kind of person that only goes to the doctor under certain circumstances. I know people who go to the doctor the first time they cough or sneeze, but I'm not one of them.

I was 5 months pregnant with Diana before I went to the doctor for the first time. I knew I was pregnant right away; I took a home pregnancy test and it confirmed it; I had gone through the typical (for me) morning sickness; I could feel the baby kick... she was my third and I knew what to expect and I knew there was nothing out of the ordinary that required me going to the doctor. I'm just that kind of person.

Having said that, I decided to take Beth to the doctor yesterday. She had a stuffy nose last week and began to blow her nose, a lot. That girl can go through a box a tissues a day! We pumped her full of EmergenC, Daytime and Nighttime medicine, but she wasn't getting better. This cold was hangin' on.

She wasn't achy, didn't have a headache or fever, just a stuffy nose and "a weird voice" to quote Beth as she talked with the doctor yesterday. :)

The doctor, or Physicians Assistant said that she might, just might have a sinus infection. But maybe not. Either way, whatever it was, she's had it for too long. So she put her on antibiotics. Beth seems to be feeling a little better and is still blowing her nose today, but not as often. I'm hoping she'll be able to go volunteer at the school tomorrow.

She's only left the house once in the last week and that was for Allison's birthday party. But for the most part she stayed in the dining room, away from everyone else.


She's 4!!


 Happy Birthday to yooouuu!!!


JC said...

You sound a lot like me! People have to be dying in this house before I take them into the Doctor! lol...Hope Beth feels better soon!

And happy 4th Birthday to little Allison :)

Unknown said...

Well my aversion to doctors comes from a fear of needles. But I don't normally run to them anyway! Even with Owen I typically let it run its course unless it just won't go away.

Happy birthday to Miss Allison!