Saturday, November 30, 2013

Where Does The Time Go?

I'm still here. It's amazing how my calendar is not very full yet we seem to be so busy.

Beth is now helping with our kids choir. And she is volunteering at an elementary school. She helps out in a special ed class, doing filing, shredding, copying and she loves it!

Her job coach nominated the Little Caesars she works at as Store of the Year for employing adults with special needs... and they won!! She'll be attending the banquet next week.

Ryan was in a rehab center for almost a month when he failed their drug test. He first went to their weekend detox, then made the decision to check into their year-long rehab center. He seemed to be doing well, enjoying the job they gave him, reconnecting with family members... then failed the drug test. They told him he had to leave. He can go back after a month but in the mean time... it hasn't been pretty. He's still angry, blaming others...we're ready for him to step up, say no to drugs, get a job and grow up.

There was a situation with someone at our church that caught us by surprise. Nothing immoral, just some poor decisions. A staff member has chosen to leave. Leave the church, leave their family... we're still in shock. Our church is hurting right now.

My last post was about Diana in London. There was so much stress with that! We're so grateful that week is over.

Thanksgiving day - we helped at our church again, serving about 1200 people. I remembered to bring my camera this year! Forgot to take a single picture! Spent the day before Thanksgiving helping to set up rooms. Then Thursday, Chuck drove the buses and Beth went with him as a ride-a-long. She really enjoyed that! I was on my feet for 11 hours. Didn't sit down once. But it. was. amazing. The presence of the Lord was so strong at times. The guests were overwhelmed with the amount of food, the love they felt. It was an incredible day.

We had our family Thanksgiving today. We're putting everything on the table: mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, stuffing, cranberry sauce, black olives and then Chuck realizes the turkey isn't done yet! So it went back in the oven and we had a Thanksgiving dinner without the turkey! But it was all still SO good! And we're looking forward to all those turkey sandwiches!! YES!!!

Tomorrow... Allies birthday party. She's turning 4.

Where does the time go?


Caz said...

Really good to hear from you, sounds like big things have been happening. Your Thanksgiving sounds incredible...there must be a lot of satisfaction in that, for all of you.

Mardra - Grown Ups & Downs said...

So true - time speeds by.

Unknown said...

Boy, you guys really are busy!

That is so cool about Beth's work getting an award. I hope you can take some photos of the banquet and of Beth going to it. That's really cool.

I'm praying hard for Ryan, hoping he starts making good choices. I'm sure that's extremely hard to watch and know that there is not much you can do about it all.

Your dinner sounds close to ours--we had so much food, it was unreal.