Saturday, September 29, 2012

Sorry I'm not writing much this week. We got home last night at 7:38 PM. I remember the time because we left Canmore, Alberta at 7:38 AM. It took us exactly 12 hours to get home yesterday. We stopped for gas twice; stopped once at a rest stop, and even took an hour to eat at a local restaurant in Kamloops. We loved being away; doing what we wanted when we wanted to; no responsibilities, no concerns.

But we sure loved coming back home!!

Today I unpacked and did 4 loads of laundry; vacuumed the living room and took all the suitcases to the garage. When ever we go on vacation and stay in nice, neat hotel rooms, it inspires me to come home and declutter my house. I started working on that today too.

Chuck sat down and paid some bills. He took Beth bowling this afternoon and said that she got three spares in her first four throws!! But then she threw mostly gutter balls the rest of the time. :(

Then he, Beth and Diana did a weeks worth of grocery shopping. Took us a while to put everything away but it feels good to have food in the house again.

Oh, that reminds me. We all got on the scale today. Beth lost 5 pounds last week!! Woohoo! I didn't lose any. I didn't gain any either so I see that as a win! Chuck? He lost 10 pounds while we were on vacation!! Ten pounds!! He makes me sick.

We had such a great time in Canada. I took over 250 pictures. But don't worry, I'll just share one with you tonight. :) I took this at Quarry Lake. It's in Canmore, Alberta, about 1 mile from our condo. It's away from traffic and for a while, Chuck and I were the only ones there. For about 4-5 minutes, there was absolute silence. No cars, no birds chirping, no people, I don't remember the last time I sat outside in absolute silence. I walked around the lake and when I saw this view, I literally gasped. It brought tears to my eyes as I looked at the beauty our heavenly Father created and remembered His love for me.


Deborah said...

That photo looks like a postcard. It's hard sometimes to believe that something that beautiful is real. Glad you are back!

Nan said...


Nan said...

Now that I have welcomed you home.... can you help me with a button thing and a 31 for 21? Will you do it? I intended to, but can't seem to paste the button on my blog, NOR can I register, because it rejects my url. Do you have any idea how to fix this? Sorry for the tech questions! See

Kristin said...

Looking forward to more pics!! You should totally do the 31 for 21 challenge mentioned above ;) Even if you just post a vacation picture everyday - haha!

Kristin said...

Nan - just found your blog tonight! (I left you a comment.) Obviously got the link figured out, cause I found you ;)

Mom of 12 said...

I've never been to Canada but it looks beautiful! My sweetie was there on a work trip once, but that was many years ago.