Thursday, December 29, 2011

Tigger and Eeyore

Diana and I went shopping with Beth and Allison yesterday. It was like shopping with Eeyore and Tigger. Together. At the same time. One was steady, methodical and slow and the other was literally jumping and bouncing all over the place!! Can you guess which was which?!


Between Diana's 21st birthday, Christmas, and not being able to use our kitchen sink for a few days, this has been such a busy week.

Christmas was great as usual. We shopped at decorated malls and took family photos. The day itself brought lots of laughter, gifts and too much food!

Bellevue Square. This tree was three stories tall! 

The Disney Store had a mini castle with a magic mirror inside!


On Christmas Eve Ryan and Sharaya came to our house so Allie could open one present.

New Christmas jammies!


Sugar got a new toy for Christmas






The aftermath. When it was all over, we watched A Christmas Carol.


The reason for the season: Baby Jesus

When we first put up our tree, I set this empty basket under it. Then miraculously on Christmas morning, Baby Jesus is born! We started this tradition when our girls were little and I absolutely love the fact that it's lasted long enough for the next generation! This made me happier than almost anything else that day.

Do you have traditions that have lasted at your house?


Kristin said...

I wish we had more traditions! We do Christmas Eve jammies :)

JC said...

What a precious tradition, and those last two pictures are so sweet :)

Laurie said...

ooo..... I love that tradition!! wonderful pictures. Nevin would have loved the Disney store :)