Monday, April 12, 2010

I wish I had captured it on film!

As you can tell by various pictures I've posted, Beth has Down Syndrome. What you probably can't tell, is that Beth is double jointed. Or at least she was. She's become less flexible as she's gotten older. (Haven't we all! Well, maybe I shouldn't speak for the rest of you...)

Beth learned to sit up when she was two. But she didn't get there by rolling over onto her side or pushing up to her knees. Oh no. She performed a move that was impressive enough for the Olympics!

Beth would begin on her tummy. Tiny arms in front of her, feet banging on the carpet behind her. With a huge smile, she would begin to move her legs, one to each side, until she was in a forward split. Like this.....

Her legs would continue their journey forward, her toes (if we were watching this from directly above her) making a perfect circle on the floor. She would push her body up with her hands and laugh as loud applause and painful moans erupted from her audience of friends and family. And there she was! Not only sitting up unaided, but getting there by the most unique and creative move I had ever seen by a 2 year old!!!


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Unknown said...

Oh my word. She is the cutest thing ever!