Thursday, September 3, 2009

We're getting there!

Monday night did not go well. She was still awake at midnight but that might have been my fault for not being more specific. See, she was in bed and the lights were out, but she was sitting up with headphones on, listening to music. Tuesday morning she turned off her alarm and went back to sleep!

Tuesday night was better. She got ready for bed at a more reasonable hour, but was not a happy camper when I took away her CD player. However, Wednesday morning she turned off her alarm and started getting ready for her day!! Woo hoo!

Again last night she didn't want to go to sleep. However, this morning when that alarm began to buzz, she got up on her own, and immediately got ready for work! Success!!

Tomorrow is her day off and I've told her she can stay up as late as she wants, so I fully expect to do this routine again Sunday night. But for now, I think we're breaking this late night habit!

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