Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Plan B

Our 'Lights Out' plan didn't work. Beth continued to stay up late and refused to wake up each morning. Diana took this picture of Beth at about 8 PM on Sunday night. She is sound asleep! She woke up while I was cleaning off her bed. She sat up just long enough to put on her pajamas, which she did very slowly and literally with her eyes shut. :) Within a few minutes she was under the covers. I set her alarm for work the next day; it was set for 10:30 but I expected she would be awake long before that. I was wrong. She was still asleep when I got home for lunch at 11:30!! She had slept for more than 15 hours!
That night we made a new rule: TV off at 10:00. Music and lights off at 11:00. So far it's working well.

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