Monday, August 14, 2023


We celebrated our 41st Anniversary this weekend. We were married on August 14, 1982, Chuck was 24 and I was 21.

 It's crazy when you think back to those first years, you have no idea what your future will hold. And honestly I didn't really know him. In April I had just started attending his church and we hung out in the young singles, but we were just friends. On July 4th we started hanging out together. And August 13 he asked me to marry him. 
We decided to set the date for the following year, and we both felt the Lord show us the exact date: one year from the day he proposed. August 13 was a Friday that year so we decided to make it the 14th. 
And now 41 years later, here we are. I think the thing that defines our marriage and family the most (besides the Lord of course, He's the foundation on which our marriage and family is built) is our traveling. We know many people who put their money into their home, raise their kids, and then after the kids have moved out, mom and dad start traveling. 
We did just the opposite. Our first road trip was in 1986 when Sharaya was a month old. We've taken more than 40 since that time - all over the U.S. We've taken our kids to many national parks, spent a week at an orphanage in Morelia, Mexico and instilled in them a love of travel and exploration. The memories we've made with them will last a lifetime. (Some of our pictures are on my side bar.)
This weekend Chuck and I went to a movie at Cinnabar, a theater where you can order a meal and they bring it right to your seat. That was nice. We saw Oppenheimer, have you seen it? I'm not sure how I feel about it. There were some nudity, plus the controversy of the Project itself. My grandfather assisted in the Manhattan Project (not sure how I feel about that either) so I was curious about it. But, it's not a movie I will ever see again and definitely won't have in my library here at home.
On our very first date we went to see Raiders of the Lost Ark, so we watched that again this weekend too. Chuck fell asleep during part of it and I laughed when I woke him up. We're a little more comfortable around each other now than we were back then. 😂 




Stay tuned for a new family photo that includes Adelaide!


Terri D said...

Happy anniversary!! I thoroughly loved seeing all of your pictures! Look at you kids!! God has blessed you richly!! You have my wishes for many more years full of blessings!!

Cathy said...

Happy Anniversary. You have such a beautiful family.

ellen b. said...

Happy Anniversary to you! Sweet photos over the years!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

What lovely photos you shared. Happy Anniversary! God Bless

Pamela M. Steiner said...

Happy Anniversary! Such beautiful pictures of your family through the years! I love your love stories...and that he fell asleep on your first date??? That's really funny! Our anniversary is tomorrow, the 16th, and it will be our 54th. Sometimes I have to stop and think about where all the years have gone. It doesn't seem possible! You have a lovely family. May God bless you with many more happy years together!!